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I added alot more to Chapter Five from what was there before.  I was writing and the stuff that I was writing seemed like it would go along quite nicely with Chapter Five.  Plus, it has a much better cliffhanger!  So, here is Chp 5 again with a little bit of new stuff at the end.




Something strange and luminous was glowing along my arm, as if an invisible web was wrapping itself around my skin, soaking into my pores.  Killian’s eyes were changing colors now.  I watched as streaks of forest green flashed through them like dagger slices. His pupils narrowed into thin, animalistic slits.  Bile rose in my throat as a strange, excited fear over took me, making me feel warm and fevered

With fingers that burned with fire, he tore at the rest of my dress, tearing it into thin silver scraps of fabric.  They flew around us like rays of star light, a dress that shone with one last piece of garment left to cover us.

My body shook in the closed air, “I can’t stop trembling.” I told Killian, a silly thing to tell.

He touched me with his hands, rubbing his strange and wonderful smooth satin hands over the curves of my flesh.  “Indeed my love, you are a sacred thing.”

Blood stirred in my chest, leaking out from the bite over my heart, streaming down my skin, blood on snow.  Snow Red. 

His hand was dyed with my blood; he traced red fingertips down my abdomen, tracing patterns over the delicate, silky, untouched skin.

I gasped at the foreign feel of his nails digging into my thighs.  It was such a strange pain.  A pain that made my heart speed up in ecstasy, a joy of flesh, like sugar dotted along my tongue, stinging, bittersweet.

Bittersweet was the taste of him as he leaned down and kissed me again, deep.  His lips were moist with blood and I licked at them, my metallic taste cutting my mouth. 

His warm, moist hand slid further up my thigh and between my legs.  “But I find that, it is only the sacred things that are worth touching.”

Purity is such a silly thing to treasure, and such a hard thing to loose.  You will find yourself driven to protect it, as if it was a secret that you wish not to speak, a hidden taste, an un-chartered realm that is known as the greatest sin. Sexual pleasures are the one carnal longing that we are encouraged to surpass, encouraged to bite down, over come, banish from our minds and from our bodies.  That fire should never be ignited; your soul should never burn in it.  Only in the ecstasy are we ever truly free, free from deity, free from government, free from ourselves.  So why is this secret so unspoken?  Why is it that this one power that all humans possess is always reined in?  For I tell you, you can never stand before a mirror truly naked, until you let a man touch you, invade you, until you let a man know the feel of your insides.  For only then can he tell you the secret of yourself, the secret that you longed for so long to unveil. Give yourself to him, and he will know it.

I awoke to find myself buried deep inside Killian’s bed.  Wolf furs covered the lower half of my body, the thick pelts making me hot in the tight, dark air.  I couldn’t see a slit of light, so I did not know whether it was morning or night.  I held up my hand, squinting to see it before my face.

Killian’s arm draped over my chest, heavy and strangely cold.  I took his hand in mine and started to lift it up, but I dropped it quickly when I realized how stiff the fingers were.  Stiff as wood and as cold as ice. 

I began to shake from the frosty closeness of his body. “Killian?”

I reached out into the darkness and found his face with my hand, turned towards me on the pillow.  I traced my fingertips over his eyelids and over his nose, down towards his mouth.  I pressed down on those lips, so rigid and freezing, that it almost numbed my finger.  No breathe puffed out from between his lips.  He was dead.

The scream started up deep inside my belly, down to where I could still feel Killian, the memory of him pressing inside of me.  Where I could still feel the raw tearing remnants of his body invading mine.  I gasped the scream out, shouted it through quick hollow breathes.  I could hear the scream echoing in the darkness, vibrating off the veil of blackness.

I crawled quickly backwards on the bed, trying to stand up, but tripped down on the satin sheets.  My naked body tumbled off the edge of the bed and unto the floor, where I landed with a shuddered thud on the thick carpeting.  My breathy shouts came out hoarse and dry as my feet slid on the carpet.  I pulled my body up to a standing position, thick and sticky with my sweat, blood and other things.

“Dead! Dead!” I cried, tottering backwards across the room, my eyes focused on the blackness where I knew Killian’s body lay.   “Dead!”

I felt someone reach up and grab my shoulders.  I shrieked.  My yells piercing into the air as the only weapon I seemed to have. 

“Beautiful.  It’s okay Beautiful.”  Riley whispered up at me, draping a black lace robe over my naked body, as if shielding me from the darkness<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

“He’s dead!”

“He was always dead, Beautiful.”  I felt the little man take my hand in his.  His pudgy fingers sweated under my grasp.

“Come with me, Beautiful.  I’ll take you out into the light.  But we must be careful to not let any through.”

Somehow, Riley was able to find his way to the door.  I could hear the jangle of keys as he fumbled with them in the lock, each in turn.  I heard the door creak open as he fitted the right key in, but I could see nothing.  Riley took my hand and led me into further blackness.  It was as if the void would never end.  I could feel my heart pulsating in my throat, every one of my senses were on high alert.  I watched the shadows with blind eyes, searching for ghost and phantoms.

Riley closed the door behind us.  “You stand right there.”

Another moment and he had lit a match igniting a few of the torches that hung along the wall, all the way down the hall.  He turned to me, smiling.  “It is always a shock seeing them in the morning your first time.”

“Does it always happen like that?”

“As soon as the sunrises, vamps had better be in darkness because they will ‘de.’  It really is just a deep sleep, but their body is frozen as if in death.  If the sunlight hits them at anytime, it can burn them or kill them.  That is why Killian’s room is so far down this hall, to escape the way the sunlight reflects at odd angles, from such stained glass windows.”

“I see. Riley?”

“Yes beautiful?”

“Why did you become Killian’s pomme de sang?”

Riley smiled and took my hand, leading me down the dark hallway, lighting candelabras as we went.  “My father was master’s pomme de sang as well, and my mother for the short time after my father’s death.  Master was always very kind to my family, giving us whatever we needed.  We are very well off because of Master.    My parents thought that master would not want them anymore when I was born.  My bones are underdeveloped you see, a show of great weakness.  But Master did not care.  Master was always my only friend.  Until you, beautiful.”

“Yes Riley.  I’m your friend.”

“As your friend, I should get you into some clothes beautiful.  Seeing as how you are to be master’s human servant. His eyes and ears.  Oh we will be a happy family.”

“Why has Killian not chosen a human servant before now?”

“Killian has only been a master for a short time now.”

“How long?”

“Seventeen years.”

I stopped and looked at him.  We had come to the main hallway now, where morning light flew freely over the plush violet runner that carpeted the halls length.  I looked up at a portrait of a woman with golden hair and Killian’s hawk eyes, staring down at me with a strange heart shaped smile.

“Seventeen years?”

“You ask silly questions beautiful, for you know all these things.  In the visions.”

“Visions?  Riley, how much is it that you know?”

The little man glanced up at the mark above my breast; it was beginning to scab over, healing quickly.  “More then I should know.”

He began to walk down the hallway once again, towards the stair case, towards the light.

“Is it true that Killian was turned against his will?”  I asked, following after him.

“Yes.” Riley nodded.  “The London Master of the City and his kiss attacked master.   He was bitten so many times that he was turned.  It is strange…”

“How is it strange?”

“Because, when most human’s are attacked that way and are turned, they become animated corpses more then vampires, that is to say, they don’t have minds.  It is amazing that Killian was able to keep his.  Even more amazing that he was ever able to master his powers.  Though many still perceive him as weak.”

“Is he weak?”

“I shouldn’t speak low of my master.  But indeed, there are many vampires that could crush master as if he was no more then an insect.  After all, it took him almost a century to come into his power.”

He turned towards a door on the landing, “This was my mother’s room, and I believe that some of her dresses are still in here.  She was very beautiful, like you lady.”

“I am sure that she was even more so Riley.”

The little man smiled at me and turned a silver key in the door’s mouth shaped key hole. 

The room that stood beyond it was bright and fancy.  The walls were a white paneling trimmed with gold molding and gold stenciled depictions of magnolia and jasmine flowers.  The entire back wall of the room was solid windows from ceiling to floor, letting light stream into the already bright, white room.  A chaise lounge sat at an angle toward the door at my left, it was harsh and velour, printed with green and pink leaves.  A canopy bed, draped with more white and crème lace stood up against the back wall.

“It is a beautiful room Riley.”

“My mother was a very stylish woman.”

“I see that.”

            He walked up to the glazed white armoire that rested against the panel glass windows.  “Every now and then, I will take out my mother’s dresses and clean and mend them.  You never know when some other beautiful lady will come along and need them, as you do.”

            I smiled at him and walked up behind him as he opened up the armoire, swinging the thick doors open on their golden hinges.  With my eye I saw a rainbow of fabrics hanging along a brass rod, ankle length dresses of various sleeve lengths and textures.  Riley fingered a long sleeve of sky blue silk edge with lace and pulled it from the hanger.

            “This should fit you Beautiful.  Something to match your eyes.”

            He held up the dress to me, it had a simple one length skirt with a white lace petticoat beneath it.  It laced up in the front.

            “I don’t have a bodice to wear underneath it.”  I told Riley.

            “Oh.”  He frowned, thinking.

 “Women’s fashions are so complicated.” He said.  “Why can’t one just put on a dress and has that be it?”

“Maybe someday in the future, that will be all that one has to do.” 

He suddenly smiled! “Here, I do have a corset, we’ll just to make do with that, and send you home somewhat respectable.”


“Yes of course!  I’m sure that your friends are getting worried about you, not to mention your family.”

“Killian is allowing me to go home?” I asked again.

“Of course!” Riley squealed, “You are not a prisoner.  If you wish to return to us, then you will.  If you wish to never see us again, then you won’t, it as simple as that.  How you follow your fate is in your own hands.  Speaking of hands, hold this.”

He handed the dress to me, upon the fabric sat a pair of crimson colored silk wings. 

Riley began to rile in the bottom of the armoire, searching through an untidy assortment of garments that littered the baseboard.  My hand absentmindedly began to stroke the dress.  I backed up slowly and sat down on the white lace bed.  The fabric was itchy and starch and obviously old, it irritated the bottom of my things, causing them to itch.  For the first time all morning I felt subconscious.  Apprehensible, I reached up and grabbed the hem of the sheer robe Riley had given me, pulling the fabric tight and secure around my front, holding it up against my throat in a clenched fist.

“Ahha!”Riley yelled triumphant, he held up a stiff, small corset that was edged in lace in one hand.  “This should fit!”

“Do you have a shift I could wear under it?”

“A what?”  Riley asked, handing me the corset.

“You know.  Something to wear under the corset so it doesn’t ummm…”


“You know.  Chafe?”

Riley looked me up and down as if he was a child observing a rare breed of butterfly under a life-threatening microscope.  A serious procedure that was nothing more then curious study of a rare breed.

“Oh.  Right.  Chafe.  Yes. Let me look.”

He returned to his intricate search of the armoire.  I held up the corset and studied it with dread, flinching at the sight of the ribbons and laces.  My body had taken the abuse of corsets for four years then, sense breast had arrived without invitation and society deemed that I was no longer a young girl whose hair could be loose around her shoulders.  I had a permanent rash beneath my armpits, along my ribs, an uncomfortable burning rash.  I looked down at it and gasped.

The rash was gone.


“Yes Beautiful?”

“Is there a mirror in here?”

The little man looked confused at my sudden inquiry.  Seeing as how I had shown no interest in mirrors before hand.  “Of course Beautiful, right here.”

He pushed on the door of the armoire so that it swung open fully. A full length mirror hung on that door.  I looked nervously at Riley and let the robe fall away from my shoulders, not caring what the little man might think.  My neck felt strangely smooth and powdery beneath my hand.  Taking a deep breath, I looked at my reflection, and screamed.



























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