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Snow Red

Amarante à fleurs en queue

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Untitled as of now, this community is about my latest story, named after the Snow White/Rose Red cross reference that describes the main characters, Lyris, personality.

She is shy and soft spoken on the outside, her eyes make her seem gentle and sweet. Even through her Rose Red appearence, with Blood Red hair and China pale skin, Lyris is as soft spoken as snow. She was once the Hierophant, in the Tarot deck known to be the quest for knowledge, the increasing understanding of the culture and the world around you. Conforming to the way things are.

Yet behind Lyris's eyes glow a wild, and sinister carnal longing. A longing for immortality. In her heart beats the unspoken desire for a man that has invaded her dreams sense she was a young girl.

When Death's card is over turned, Lyris knows that her world is about to transform. And a risque night brings her face to face with Destiny.

This story is my hidden fantasy, my forebidden erotic daydream that I wish now to bring to life. This story is the first unveiling of how the blood looks beneath my skin. As it had been exposed so long ago.

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